About Cindy Dirkx

After completion of my study economics I accidentally found a job in the pipeline industry and after my first experience in the execution of a construction project I knew that this was my type of business!

Having worked at many different places and positions in the pipeline industry, I tend to call myself an allround pipeliner. I had positions varying from commercial, technical and operational management with contractors, consultants and pipeline owners/operators. Through my experience both in the construction of new pipelines as in the operations and maintenance, being part of tender teams and preparations of projects, but also through my presence in the execution in the field, I can approach a problem or project using the insights from all these different experiences.

My economical basis combined with a master’s degree in Pipeline Technology (MPT, similar to MSc), makes me look at questions with a wide view. The choices to be made will be based on added value in safety, technical or financial areas. I will always be open for improvements and search actively for optimisations. The statement “we’ve always done it like this” is not one of my favorites- things are always open for improvements and it often requires minor adjustments to reach this.