Pipeline Specific Education

Since 2015 I am chairing the Pipeliner Foundation and actively involved in the Master education of Pipeline Technology (MSc), in cooperation with Avans+ university. A more practical Pipeliner education on intermediate vocational level has started in September 2018, which the Pipeliner Foundation developed jointly with Litecad Campus. This vocational education focusses on development of pipeliners that have positions in the execution such as work preparation and supervisors.

Knowing that there is not many pipeline specific education all over the world, I am very much in favour of the development of pipeline specific education, in order to attract young students in an early stage for the pipeline industry (or larger – underground infrastructure).

I am very willing to support and cooperate in new initiatives in this area, using the experience of the 2 existing educations as input, so please feel free to contact me for any questions you might have.